Leaving all common luxuries behind, Lindsay has dedicated the past 2 years to studying and practicing yoga while traveling and living in Central America. Fulfilling her souls purpose through teaching she first completed her RYT 200 hour yoga alliance certification in Devaya Yoga (vinyasa yoga of light and sound) in Montezuma, Costa Rica. She has since trained in yoga therapy RYT 100 hours at the Teton yoga Shala and RYT 50 hours of Kundalini training with Sarah Kline at Inversion.

While teaching at beachside resorts on the Nicoya peninsula Lindsay was introduced to the practice of Kundalini yoga and found her true passion or Dharma. Now Guiding her students in a deeper practice of connection with nature and all living things while on and off the mat.

Lindsay’s yoga teaching strategy is geared towards toning the body from the inside out, assisting in developing yoga as a lifestyle. Exposing her ‘yogis’ to a natural technology or tool her goal is for her students to overcome addiction, toxic relationships, self doubt and to create self love. The uncontrollable process of change and beauty of experiencing the unfolding of each moment is what inspires her classes and her life.


Trish first discovered the magic of yoga in 2010.  After several years of diving deeper and deeper into her own practice, she decided the time had come for her to help pass this beautiful practice on to others. Packing her bags for It’s Yoga Nicaragua in February 2016, she embarked on a 200 hour teacher training to learn how to safely and effectively teach the asana sequence to beginners and seasoned yogis alike. She teaches a Modified Primary Series (as created by Larry Sultz) and Ashtanga-based flow, focusing on the Breath, Bandhas and Dristi.

Trish believes in the grounding power of the Sun Salutations and the meditational qualities in practicing a familiar sequence so you can stop listening to the teacher at the front of the room and begin to listen to the teacher that lives inside you,  bringing you to a higher level of consciousness and human connection. Trish believes in the Yoga Chita (Yoga therapy) of the Primary Series and the healing and cleansing qualities of the finishing sequence. Yoga is a journey, and I would be honored to help you begin to Surrender to the Flow. Namaste.