Rent a Bio Mat for your whole family to enjoy in your Hotel or Home! Receive the benefits of a massage after skiing or travel in the privacy of your own room. Experience deep relaxation on this state of the art heated infrared crystal and amethyst mat.


Benefits Include:

Reduce Pain, inflammation and Joint Stiffness

Detoxify the body and mobilize the immune system

Relieve stress and fatigue while improving circulation



Easy to use and temperature adjustable according to each persons needs, you and your family or friends can receive the benefits throughout the afternoon, evening and even early morning for the equivalent cost of one massage.

We will simply deliver and set up your mat between 2pm and 4pm (pick up following morning after 9am) with User Instructions and an in person overview.

Cost: $179 per night *additional options available upon request

Experience wellbeing, healing, subtle connectivity and deep relaxation in the comfort of your own space on your own time

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Exposure to Infrared rays increase circulation aiding in reducing inflammation, removal of toxins and a better immune system. This process also makes antioxidents more available to the cell membrane for greater detoxification and activates ion channel exchange aiding cellular metabolism. The amythest and crystals imbedded throughout the mat amplify the benefits of the infrared rays as well as promote greater balance and relaxation. Safe and easy to use. 

Basic Heat Settings of Bio Mat and suggested times:

149-158  degrees Sauna strength 20-30 minutes

140-149 degrees Strong detox 20-30 minutes

131-140 degrees Penetrating up to one hour

113-122 degrees Mild detox up to 2 hours

104-113 degrees Subtle warmth up to 2 hours

94-104 degrees Gentle warmth any length of time



Relax on a Bio Mat with sound healing at our studio for a half hour session.

You Deserve it.

30 Minutes $60

Reduce inflammation, joint pain and stiffness, release toxins and alleviate Stress on a heated infrared crystal Bio Mat table

What to expect

Your 30 Minute session on an amethyst Biomat begins with a flower essence infused water and a selection of essential oils. This gentle treatment in a private room offers deep relaxation by resting with a lavender eye pillow on a heated infrared massage table imbedded with crystals. Restore balance to your mind and body while listening to healing tones of solfeggio sound frequencies.

Price: $40.00 30 minute session

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