Daniela Botur is a healing arts and crystal singing bowl practitioner, her passion is to assist others in quieting their minds, cultivating mindfulness and amplifying positive intention setting using crystal singing bowls and other high vibration modalities. She practices and co-creates with others at Lotus Vibes a wellness boutique in downtown Jackson, Wyoming, where she offers group meditation, sound bowl experiences and workshops.

Over the last 15 years Daniela has developed a technique using Crystal Singing Bowls that she compliments with a process of alchemy incorporating sound, aromatherapy, flower essences, gemstones and intentions. Her retreats, workshops and performances are a synthesis of her exploration in the field of sound and other vibrational modalities to encourage others to experience and connect with their true essence.

Workshops and Events

Four Seasons Wellness Event ‘Upward Spiral Crystal singing Bowl Meditation’ Jackson WY (2017)

Leadercast Event Jackson WY (2017)

Journeys School Teachers Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation Jackson WY (2017)

Journeys School (Elementary) Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation Jackson WY (2017)

Community High School Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation/Workshop Jackson WY (2017)

Rec Center After School Program ‘Elementary Kids’ Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation Jackson WY (2017)

Studio B Yoga, Gratitude Workshop Boulder CO (2016)

Earth Yoga, Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation Workshop Boulder CO (2016)

Stio, Mindfulness in workplace Jackson WY (2016)

Leadercast Event Jackson WY (2016)

Vertical Harvest Opening March Jackson WY (2016)

Yoga Teacher Sound Healing Certification Class Jackson WY (2016)

Mental Health Partners ‘Mindfulness in the workplace’ Boulder CO (2016)

Elevated Grounds ‘Mindfulness in the workplace’ Wilson WY  (2016)

August Symphony of the Senses Jackson WY (2015)

Inversion Yoga Teacher Training Ceremony Jackson WY (2015)

Opening Ceremonies for Congress of Illumination (2014)
Grand Teton Lodge – Moran, WY

Closing Ceremony Festival of Lights (2014)
Jackson Wildlife Museum – Jackson, WY

Closing Ceremony 5th Year Anniversary Celebration (2014) C Inversion Yoga – Jackson, WY

Private Wedding Ceremony (2013)
Grand Teton National Park – Moran, WY

Closing Ceremony Festival of Lights (2013)
Jackson Wildlife Museum – Jackson, WY

Land Clearing Ceremony (2012)
Private Ranch – La Paz, Mexico

Crystal Sound Bowl Workshop (2012)
Teton Spirit – Wilson, WY

Feng Shui Home Purification (2012)
Private Home – Wilson, WY

Winter Solstice Celebration (2012)
Teton Science School – Wilson, WY

Earth, Peace and Prayer Day (2012)
Grand Teton National Park – Moran, WY

Fall Equinox Community Celebration (2012)
Curtis Canyon – Jackson WY

Introduction to Crystal Sound Bowl (2011)
Private Art Studio – Tepoztlan, Mexico







PEPrivate Event


Mindfulness is a quality that’s always there. Daniela’s Singing Bowl Meditation provides a beautiful and encouraging environment to improve upon that quality. I cant think of a better way to start the week than spending Monday afternoon with Daniela preparing to be mindful of myself and others.  -Michael Martin

Daniela has a peace within her that resonates in every space she creates. – Julie Zell

Daniela is nothing short of amazing. I’ve known her a long time and have continued to be impressed by her ability to create and share joy and wisdom in everything she does. Lotus Vibes is no exception. –Ted Lieser

My son was with the kids who came to meditate with you on Thurday. He is a very tall blonde boy. He said it was ‘SO COOL’! He loved it! If you can reach an 11 year old boy with meditation, you have a gift – Mary E.

I have known Daniela for a few years, she is wonderful as a person and in every work she does! Recommended!!! – Daniela Daniela