Crystal Singing Bowl Kit on Sale

Buy a Kit from Lotus Vibes and receive a free in person or on the phone consultation from Sound bowl practitioner Daniela Botur. Still have questions one week, one month or one year after purchasing a bowl? Give us a call. Were always here.

This 10″ F Heart Chakra Soundbowl is a powerful way to initiate a sound healing practice focused on love and gratitude. Lotus Vibes kit comes with accessories to facilitate ritual in your life. Begin Creating intentional and heart focused practices to enhance healing and awareness.

Included in kit:
10″ Crystal Sound Bowl – F/F# (Heart Chakra)
Wand and Ring
The Sound of Intention – 15 Minute Phone Consultation with Daniela Botur
Sage Bundle, Rose Quartz heart stone, Intention Cards
Sea Salt for Clearing the Bowl

With the purchase of sound bowl kit you will receive 20% off on the case.

Buy a bowl from Lotus Vibes and have free over the phone or in person counseling with Daniela Botur on how to use, clean, program or play your sound Bowl to receive the maximum benefits. Understanding that the sound vibration is but one aspect of having a bowl. They are a powerful tool of alchemy and when used with focused intention are receivers, transmitters and amplifiers.

“Love and gratitude is the basis of all practices. As a beginner my suggestion is a heart or 'F” bowl to activate those high vibrational frequencies in your life.”

Quote by Daniela Botur, Owner and founder of Lotus Vibes and Crystal Singing bowl healer


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