Mindfulness in the Workplace

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is about making choices and developing tools and skills to be in greater awareness of our thought, being present in the moment and aligning with our highest self.

What are the benefits of cultivating mindfulness in the workplace?

  • It creates a space to possibly see things that might have not been possible before by being more intuitive and refining our capacity to navigate the world with open eyes and an open heart.

  • Developing  capacities and skills of mindfulness are helpful in addressing and finding solutions to the challenges that are so prevalent in our lives as a result of being overstimulated and managing the stress that arise from so many demands of our time and attention.

  • Meditation and quieting the mind are proven to enhance our health, attention, creativity and overall feelings of wellbeing and peace.

  • Allows the emergence of the collective’s highest potential in the moment to be visible and evolve.

  • Nurturing a work environment where the whole is seen and everyone is participating and talking responsibility to show up thoughtfully and with integrity, recognizing that their own personal growth is an integral part of the organizations evolution.

  • The teams and staff feel that the organization cares about their overall wellbeing and are more likely to be happy, committed, inspired and engaged.


How Crystal Singing Bowls Facilitate Mindfulness?

As a crystal singing bowls practitioner for over 10 years Daniela uses the tools of sound vibration to facilitate meditation as well as cultivate mindfulness and positive intention setting in people’s lives. Her passion is creating cohesive harmonic containers and experiences that allow people to quiet their minds so they can be their highest self at work and home.

Approaching mindfulness with meditation, breathing techniques, yoga, being in nature, community services, personal coaching or inspirational workshops offer benefits depending on the culture an organization wants to cultivate. All can be beneficial given the intention with which they are held, however it seems essential in our very active lives to take time for stillness and reflection to balance our doing with our being.



Quieting the Mind:

Crystal singing bowls vibrations when played correctly slow down our waking active brain rhythms known as Beta State (13-28 cycles per second ) to an Alpha state of (7-12 cycles per second). This naturally facilitates the process of moving into a more meditative state, quieting the mind and allowing through a process called entrainment for the brain to sync with the sound bowls frequencies. The beauty of using crystal singing bowls in this context is that it is accessible to everyone regardless of experience, age, physique or even language and can be done in groups small or large.

Creating the container:

By facilitating a group dynamic of positive intention setting individually and collectively we have an opportunity to create together a field of positive resonance that is then amplified and brought into cohesion using the bowls. The crystal singing bowls are made of Silica also known as quartz and have the properties of being receivers, transmitters and amplifiers and for that reason have been used as such in much of modern technology i.e.. Computer chips, lasers and much more. Marcel Vogel of IBM in the 70,s was the scientific pioneer who brought understanding to this field. So the capacities of the bowls lies not only in its sound frequencies but that they mirror and expand the energetics and field of consciousness of the space and intentions placed.

Intention setting:

The core essence of this process lies in helping others to cultivate intentions that are positive and facilitate mindfulness.  The themes of primary focus are Gratitude, Empathetic listening, Being present in the moment and Positive intention setting. By recognizing and expressing gratitude we enhance our connectivity to ourselves and others that reinforces positive relation building. Taking time for empathetic listening, without responding in the moment creates awareness and the potential for understanding and solutions that are heart centered. By being present in the moment and to what emerges we can see things from a larger perspective and connect with our intuitive self. Positive intention setting and affirmations individually and collectively help to manifest and create a cohesive field of purpose and aligned values.

Take a look at the Upward Spiral Workshop and Cultivating a Practice of Positive Intentions and Gratitude Workshop for other ways to enhance mindfulness.

Please contact Daniela Botur at Lotus Vibes for pricing and to learn more about how she can customize a package to bring mindfulness into your workplace.

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