Mindfulness in the Workplace

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is about making choices and developing tools and skills to be in greater awareness of our thought, being present in the moment and aligning with our highest self.

Why is cultivating mindfulness in the workplace beneficial?

  • It creates a space to possibly see things that might have not been possible before by being more intuitive and refining our capacity to navigate the world with open eyes and an open heart.
  • Developing  capacities and skills of mindfulness are helpful in addressing and finding solutions to the challenges that are so prevalent in our lives as a result of being overstimulated and managing the stress that arise from so many demands of our time and attention.
  • Meditation and quieting the mind are proven to enhance our health, attention, creativity and overall feelings of wellbeing and peace.
  • Allows the emergence of the collective’s highest potential in the moment to be visible and evolve.
  • Nurturing a work environment where the whole is seen and everyone is participating and talking responsibility to show up thoughtfully and with integrity, recognizing that their own personal growth is an integral part of the organizations evolution.
  • The teams and staff feel that the organization cares about their overall wellbeing and are more likely to be happy, committed, inspired and engaged.

How Lotus Vibes Facilitates Mindfulness

As a sound and vibrational healing practitioner for over 10 years, Daniela Botur’s passion is in guiding others to quiet their minds, cultivate mindfulness and connect with their highest self. She facilitates individual and group workshops focused on positive intention setting and heart centered practices .She teaches simple easy to use everyday techniques such as meditation, conscious breathing, tapping , aromatherapy and sound therapy to enhance overall wellbeing, connectivity and performance. These processes are simple and accessible to all regardless of previous experience and beneficial personally as well as in the workplace. Mindfulness is also about creating a space that allow people the opportunity to take time for stillness and reflection to balance the doing with the being.

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This 2 hour workshop is focused on providing a space in which groups can explore the basics of practicing mindfulness. It is experiential as well as theoretical providing a basic understanding of the benefits of practicing positive intention setting and quieting the mind. This skill set and processes enhance intuition, creativity and performance.

Creating a Field of Positive Resonance

– An experiential process of engaging the group individually and collectively in feeling and expressing gratitude.
–  integrate the groups energy in a harmonic and cohesive  manner amplifying it using crystal sing bowls
– Group reflection on experience of before and after

Mindfulness is awareness

– How our Brain waves and rhythms states affect us
-Breathing techniques for quieting the mind, stress reduction and focus
– Benefits and practice of empathetic  listening
-Awareness and being present in the moment

Positive Intention Setting

-We are captains of our own ships
-Self reflection, direction and manifestion
-Shifting patterns and creating positive beliefs
-Heart centered intention setting and postures

Connecting the Dots

– Intuitively you know what you need
-Positive intention setting for individual and group
-Integrate  practices of mindfulness
-Closing meditation


Focused on raising your energy using easy techniques that cultivate wellbeing. This one and a half hour workshop focuses on providing simple tools to raise your vibrational energy. Become empowered to shift patterns of stagnation, anxiety and depression with tools that you can bring into your everyday life that are uplifting. You will leave knowledgeable about clearing your energy using essential oils, calming breathing practices, sound and heart-centered intention setting. Consider this workshop an enhancement in personal and professional development or as a compliment to a new retreat.

What is Vibrational Energy?

– Everything is Vibration
– Resonance and Entrainment
-Different Brain Wave States

The Importance of Positive Intention Setting

-Integrating Intention Setting into Your Life
-Equation for Manifestation
-Heart-centered Intention Setting

Basic Understanding of Energy Centers

-What are energy centers?
– The Connection of Physical, Emotional and Mental bodies
-Importance of Energetic Alignment

Clearing your Energetic Field

-When does a person need to clear?
-Why does a person need to clear?
-How does a person clear?

Upward Spiral Techniques

-Practice Gratitude


Bringing it all together

-Empowering Yourself
-Using the Tools
-Closing Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation


Please contact Daniela Botur at Lotus Vibes for pricing and to learn more about how she can customize a package to bring mindfulness into your workplace.

1-307-733-9290  |  Info@lotusvibes.org