"What is essential is invisible to the eyes"


Come for a retreat with those that mean the most to you and honor someone you love or a special occasion by celebrating in a meaningful and soulful way. Daniela facilitates this process with ease and grace. Providing an opportunity to express gratitude and positive intentions in a simple yet ever so powerful way that enhances mindfulness and connectivity. Using crystal singing bowls to bring everyone into a harmonious collective field of energy as well as other high vibrational techniques the events intention is amplified and the experience truly comes alive.

  • Weddings: Have the crystal singing bowls high vibration and peaceful resonance be a part of your special day whether it may be serenading your guests as you honor the two joining their lives or as a background music as guests arrive. Daniela can also officiate the ceremony through the Universal Life Church.
  • Wedding showers: Celebrate and honor the bride and her wedding party by coming together in a sacred space sharing love gratitude and positive intentions amplified by the crystal singing bowls, aromatherapy and flower essences
  • Birthdays: There’s no better Birthday gift then to be surrounded and honored by those you love. Throw yourself a soulful party or plan one for someone else by coming together in a meaningful way.
  • Baby Shower: This can be a right of passage of joy and gratitude for the baby and family to celebrate the blessings of life that this child brings.
  • Business Gathering: Create cohesiveness and connectivity through recognition of your colleagues accomplishments and vision. Think outside the box!
  • Just because: Gather in friendship and family for no other reason than celebrating the connection and love that you share.
Event Details:
Includes 45 minute ceremony and up to 2 hours of post-ceremony celebration time on the deck and lawn with teton views.
Cost: $180 – $350 (does not include celebration food and drink – available upon request.)
People: Up to 10
Location: Tennisport Ranch on the Elk Refuge in Jackson Hole, WY