Private Chakra Clearing Therapy By Daniela Botur



This rebalancing therapy offers a deep clearing of your energetic body. Using a specific essential oil, crystal singing bowl and tuning forks aligned with each chakra or energy center Daniela assists in clearing blockages and restoring balance so that your energy can flow freely.  Laying on a heated infrared amethyst/crystal Biomat table during your session will reduces inflammation, joint pain and offer deep relaxation.  Experience the vibration of sound healing as this treatment will continue to provide benefits to your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.


Offered in Daniela’s chic tipi on the Elk Refuge, with a full view of the Tetons this unique nature based experience will be unforgettable. Chakra clearings also available of the comfort of your own home or place of choice (price varies).

Price: $160.00 One hour and 15 minute session or book 2 sessions and receive a 10% discount.

To Book call (307) 733-9290 or Email


Experience the power of Sound Healing
Experience the power of Sound Healing

What are Chakras?

The Chakras are energy centers that move up and around our bodies. Stress, traumas and negative thinking patterns can block the flow of energy causing anxiety, depression and loss of vitality. Bringing balance to your chakra energies can improve the quality of your life spiritually, mentally and physically by releasing stagnant energy and revitalizing these centers.

1st Chakra Root ‘Muladhara’    

Color: Red     Sound: C    Physical: Bones, Skeletal     Element: Earth

Strengths/Challenges: Grounded, security, boundaries, structure, goal oriented/ flight or fight response, overly materialistic

Life Lesson: Standing up for ones self/ Balance

2nd Chakra Sacral ‘Svadhistana’   

Color: Orange     Sound: D    Physical: Sexual Organs     Element: Water

Strengths/Challenges: Pleasure, emotional strength, taking action/ Anger, victimization, isolation, sexual issues

Life Lesson: Relations with others/Intimacy

3rd Chakra Solar plexus ‘Manipura’

Color: Yellow     Sound: E    Physical: Muscular and Digestive System     Element: Fire

Strengths/Challenges: Confidence, leadership, joy, radiance/ indulgence, addiction

Life Lesson: Self Esteem/ Personal fulfillment

4th Chakra Heart ‘Anahata’

Color: Green     Sound: F    Physical: Heart and Lungs     Element: Air

Strengths/Challenges: Courage, compassion, unconditional love, gratitude/ Fear of rejection, judgment, resentment, grief

Life Lesson: Giving/ Receiving

5Th Chakra Throat ‘Vishuddha’

Color: Turquoise     Sound: G    Physical: Throat, shoulders, neck, ears, nasal     Element: Ether

Strengths/Challenges: Self Expression, creativity, knowledge/ Listening, perfectionism, dogmatism

Life Lesson: Personal Expression/Communication

6th Chakra Third Eye ‘Ajna’

Color: Indigo     Sound: A    Physical: Eyes, base of skull     Element: Light

Strengths/Challenges: Insight, trust, mental clarity/ learning difficulties, negative thinking patterns, confusion, worrying

Life Lesson: Emotional Intelligence/ Intuition

7th Chakra Crown ‘Sahasrara’

Color: Violet     Sound: B    Physical: Mind- Upper Skull     Element: Universal Energy

Strengths/Challenges: Expanded consciousness, acceptance, surrender/ Overly spiritual, spacey, disconnected

Life Lesson: Selflessness/ Receptivity