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"Man did not weave the web of life but is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web he does to himself."


Daniela Botur is a healing arts and crystal singing bowl practitioner of over 15 years. Her passion is to help people cultivate practices of mindfulness and positive intention setting in their lives. Offering meditations, healing sessions, workshops and performances using crystal singing bowls and other high vibrational modalities, she guides others to connecting with their inner self, peace, joy and wisdom. She lives in Jackson, Wyoming, where she provides her offerings at her chic tipi and studio overlooking the majestic Tetons. Over the last decade she has played at and taught in festivals, schools, work places, studios and large retreats including for Barbara Marx Hubbard, Patricia Cotes Robles and others, touching the lives of thousands of people.

Her sound healing with crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, gongs and voice is enhanced with focused positive intention setting and the alchemical frequencies of  aromatherapy, flower essences and gemstones. She has developed her practice  over the past 15 years having lived in Mexico where she initiated  facilitating women’s circles, sweat lodges and rites of passages, which continue to inspire her to create celebrations honoring the rhythms of life. Her retreats, workshops and performances are a synthesis of her exploration in the field of sound and other vibrational energies to encourage others to experience and cultivate ways to connect with their spirit and soul essence.

Performances & Ceremonies

Introduction to Crystal Sound Bowl (2011) E
Private Art Studio – Tepoztlan, Mexico

Land Clearing Ceremony (2012) C
Private Ranch – La Paz, Mexico

Crystal Sound Bowl Workshop (2012) E
Teton Spirit – Wilson, WY

Feng Shui Home Purification (2012) PR
Private Home – Wilson, WY

Winter Solstice Celebration (2012) C
Teton Science School – Wilson, WY

Earth, Peace and Prayer Day (2012) C
Grand Teton National Park – Moran, WY

Fall Equinox Community Celebration (2012) C
Curtis Canyon – Jackson WY

Yoga Teachers Training – Closing Ceremony (2013) C
Inversion Yoga – Jackson, WY

Private Wedding Ceremony (2013) PR
Grand Teton National Park – Moran, WY

Closing Ceremony Festival of Lights  (2013) C
Jackson Wildlife Museum – Jackson, WY

Opening Ceremonies for Congress of Illumination (2014) C
Grand Teton Lodge – Moran, WY

 Closing Ceremony Festival of Lights (2014) C
Jackson Wildlife Museum – Jackson, WY

Closing Ceremony 5th Year Anniversary Celebration (2014) C
Inversion Yoga – Jackson, WY

PRPrivate Ritual